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FREE shipping explained


BIKE ORDERS outside 48 states ! There will be additional freight charges with UPS. You also have to pay customs clearing and duties for your country !
If you order a bike and are not willing to pay either one, I will refund your order.

BUT Paypal charges me Paypal fees even if I refund you, I will deduct these charges from your refund !
Please contact me before you buy !

We will ship every order to the 48 states without charging any handling or shipping fee, as long as the order is over $ 200.00.

For orders under $ 200.00 we will charge $ 10.00, which is mostly less than the actual shipping charges.

Shipments to the rest of the world ( this includes Canada Alaska Hawaii Puerto Rico )will have to pay actual shipping charges, small parts orders usually go by mail. Real small parts orders can go by special mail worldwide for a very low 17 dlr.
Larger Items like tires, seatposts, carriers will be more. A good rule of thumb is that we need to charge 35 dlr for these larger items.
We use UPS or Fed Ex for bikes. We found this super deal with Fed Ex where we get up to 80 % off at times to certain areas, this usually means that we have to ship on a certain weekday.

This is how it works. You check out on the regular page with paypal. At this moment no extra Int. shipping charge will be visible. We will pack the order, run to the mail office ( or check with Fed Ex and UPS ) and find out the actual freight. We than will email you an additional Paypal money request for the freight only. You pay and we ship it right away. If the freight is too much we gladly reimburse your money.
We have lost one shipment to Spain in 07 and supposingly one shipmet to Israel in 08. We usually quote you the best value for shipping. If you however insist we will quote you Express Mail + tracking as well.( Usually 3 to 4 times as expensive).
Please note that we are trying to make any International transaction as easy and affordable to you, however please do not ask us to cheat ( we wont) and keep in mind that any customs clearing or any other charges levied by your country are out of our control. Please make sure that you find out yourself if they are any extra charges. Thanks

International shipments usually are faster than one thinks, we have seen deliveries within a week at times, but unfortunately there are remote locations, or a slow carrier where it has been a month as well.

Here a few examples: A Pletscher double kickstand to Australia is about 40 dlr. same to the Far East. To Canada its in the upper twenties.
Adapters, pedals, small stuff you can more or less put in your pocket ships for 23.95 worldwide.
Fenders, large baskets are usually around mid 50 dlrs.
Bikes range from 125 dlr to Canada to 250 ish to Singapore and 350 ish to Australia and Europe.

I was asked about our return policy.
here we go : Parts are easy of course. You call us and get an RA number, you send the stuff back in new and unused condition and we will refund your money via Paypal. We can only refund the money for the product, not the shipping. If your parts or combined order was over 200 dlr and we paid the freight to you, than we will deduct the actual freight we paid from the refund. Please give us a call and let us know why you want to return anything, not that we want to argue but we can only learn that way. For folks who order on a whimp and than immedeately decide that they dont need it and refuse the shipment instead of asking for a return authorisation we reserve the right to charge a 10 % restocking fee.
Bikes.... basically the same. However, as we have included the shipping in the price of the bike we can only refund you the bike and not the shipping. In other words you pay both ways ( to you and back to us ). After receipt of the bike or parts we will inspect the them and refund your order right away.
Obviously we can only refund unused and new products.
In other words, you cant order a bike, take it on a cruise, and after the vacation is over return it to us.( Not that this has ever happened.... or has it ? )

Yes we are pretty proud to have shipped to: Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, all European Countries, Russia, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Kenia, South Africa, Seychellen, Maledives, most Caribian Islands, Iceland, Isle of Guernsey, Teneriffe, Mallorca, Solomon Islands, Philippines, RAK, Israel, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Argentinia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Korea, many more, not in any special order and not in any ranking.

Paypal.... is the safest method of paying for your goods. If you ever get an email which looks if it came from paypal, asking you to update or give out any information, ignore it. Paypal only sends emails without any links to click on. If its legit than Paypal ask you to sign in your account, and any pertinent information is right there.

Once in a while i give a refund for a payment. That refund goes to your paypal account. Yes if you paid with credit card you do have created a Paypal account ( usually your email address and a Password ) and said refund is on your Paypal account. Paypal not automatically sends the money back to your credit card, you will need to sign in and tell paypal to do so.
I cannot credit your credit card, because I do NOT know anything about it ! Paypal keeps this information on their super secure servers, I do not have any of that information.

When you check out with Paypal, you are being asked to provide your telephone number, Please fill it in as Fed Ex needs that number to call you when they want to deliver the bike. This will save valuable time !