folding bicycles

where and how to adjust
All cables will stretch, all outerhousings will wear in ( shrink )
We have the derrailleurs adjusted, but they most likely will eventually need a little adjustment.

New chains, cables, etc etc need a few miles to work perfectly, dont give up after 20 miles, just ride a little longer and than it solves by itself or follow the tips below for a quick and easy adjustment.
Thanks Thor

Dahon Neos 9 derrailleur

the arrow points to the upper and lower travel adjustment screw

The adjustment of these two screws limits the derailleur from getting into the spokes or have the chain rub on the frame. These are NOT the reason if your chain skips from one gear to the other

Adjustment barrel

Adjustment barrel on rear derrailleur

If your chain rattles and wants to skip up or down to the next gear, give this little adjuster a quarter turn. Usually you want to tighten it just a little bit. Be patient and make SMALL adjustments

Barrel adjuster at shifter

This is a barrel adjuster on the shifter. Same function as above, some bikes have both ( shifter and derrailleur ) some have only one. Again small adjustments are key

Side to side adjuster on V Brake

V brakes tension side to side adjuster. These vary but are basically the same, either a phillips or an allen bolt. If your brake rubs on one side and has too much freeplay on the other, just give it a small turn clockwise on the rubbing side and counterclockwise on the free side

Seatpost quick release

Is your seatpost slipping down? Open the quick release lever and turn the knob clockwise. ( white arrow )

If the problem persist, take the seatpost out and clean it with household cleaner to get rid of any grease or oil, which is bad. If you want to go one step further, take the shim out of the bike and clean the inside as well, than dab a very small amount of grease to the outside of the shim ( inbetween the shim and the frame ) insert and put seatpost back in. You also should put a little grease to the cam part of the lever, to make operation buttersmooth. ( yellow arrow )

Now you can adjust the quick release to its proper tension with the adjuster on the other side. Take note that the force to close the quick release should be firm. People with Atrithis should but a little string in the openeing of the lever, to make opening much easier on your hands. A little leather strap gets extra points for class.

same applies for the handlebar quick releases.