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MU SL conversion to Mu sl comfort bike: sub 25 lbs

The Mu SL is a great bike but I had a customer call me and tell me that he wants a more comfortable Mu SL without adding too much weight. He told me that he needs to have a height adjustable handlebar, fenders, a carrier which accepts panniers, battery lights, a comfy seat, a bell, a rear led light .... and that the total bike should not weigh more than 25 lbs.

  • Height adjustable fusion handlepost and fusion stem
  • Added SKS fenders for those rainy days
  • YES !!! Big apples for the luxurious ride over potholes
  • Bigger wider more comfortable velvet seat
  • LED red blinking rear light
  • Tour rear carrier
  • A Reich alloy bell
  • And a Pletscher Zoom Kickstand

Thanks Thor