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Dahon Hella lights

This is the famous Hella Halogen light with an on/off switch. The Ciao for example does come with the great hub generator, but does NOT come with lights. ThorUSA has been successfull in getting a limited supply of the original Hella lights for the front and also the very tricky rear light.

Check for pricing and availability on the Dahon accessory pages.

First pic:
This is what you get. Note that there is the light, a screw, washer, 1 curled cable, 2 straight cables, and the Hella switch.

Second pic:
Note the order of how I laid down the actual light and switch. First the bolt, the washer, the light and then the switch. That's the order, you will use to mount the light on the fork (Ciao has a braze on for the light),

You can also mount the light in place of the reflector. All you need is a washer and a nut (and of course longer wires). And make sure you will find another reflector to put on your front of the bike for safety reasons.

Third pic :
Underneath the light are two contacts. On the switch are two contacts. First connect the curled line to the switch and to the light. (It doesn't make any difference what contact you are using.) Then connect one of the straight cables to the switch and the other one on the light. You are now ALMOST ready to mount the light and the switch.

Fourth pic:
Do you remember the small grey plastic piece you got with your bike ? It's with the pedal, the owners manual and the reflective bootstrap in the box. If you have NOT gotten this piece, visit your friendly dealer and ask for it. You need it! Both straight lines will be inserted into the plug. Push the tinned part of the wire through the hole, than bend it over. Do both cables.

Now insert the plug into the hub generator. Make sure that the cables are not rubbing on the hub and that they do not come in contact with the spokes. I found that one cable is perfect length and the other is too long. Use a little ingenieuty to hide at least part of the straight wires, inside the curled wire.

It sounds more difficult than it is. You will see when everything comes together. Of course you can shorten the too long wire as well, just make sure you have long enough metal exposed to make good contact.

Picture 5:
You are done. Spin the wheel and see if the light turns on. If not, switch it on !!!

If you want to mount the light somewher else, you will need to get some longer wires. If you just extend the existing wires, make sure that you connect them well and then seal it with a heat shrink rubber.

Thanks Thor

Rear light has a couple batteries installed. No cables needed. The real cool thing with the 2 diode rear light is the motion sensor and the light sensor. Both combined are way cool. You have to try it yourself !