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Helios drop bar conversion

OK, I am a little dissapointed that there isn't a drop bar in the 2006 Dahon line up. So I went to work and did it myself. This is a little more involved than usual. WARNING: If you are not 120% clear what you doing, please let your favourite dealer do the work. This includes work involving your brakes and your life is in your hands, literally. Print this page out and bring it to the dealer. You will live (and remain a customer of ours) Having said this, let's get started. You will need the following parts and tools:

  • Syntace VRO Clamp (a 26 diameter version, not the so-called peanut (25.4) which is on some Dahon models.
  • One Dahon Syntace Stubby (I hope to receive them soon, but in the meantime I cut a regular handlebar.)
  • Road Racing Handlebar. (Syntace claims that only their handlebars work with the clamp. I am sure they work the BEST with the clamp but other good quality bars should work as well.)
  • A pair of 9 speed Shimano STI shifters (I got mine hardly used from Ebay.)
  • Non-linear Brake Levers and a TRAVEL AGENT (from Quality Bicycle Parts under the Problem Solver Parts Line)
  • In my case, I had a wonderful SRAM XO derrailleur mounted. For the STI shifters, I needed a Shimano derrailleur. Ebay to the rescue. I opted for a short cage 105.
  • Longer brake wires and outer housing
  • Handlebar tape helps finish the job

You do the math, it's not a $100 job we are talking about, and the bike doesnt fold as nice as it was designed for. But I kept the cables long enough, so I can slide the stem out and somehow loose can stuff it into a ok package.

The bolts of the stem are potruding out, resulting that you cannot rotate the vro clamps all the way ( The Dahon Syntace clamps are longer ) But the up position suits me fine. If the handlebar would be forward I would be too stretched out.

Thanks Thor