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Dahon folding handlebar type: Fusion 2005 and up

These are detail pictures of the 2005 and up FUSION Handlebar stem locking system. This is on the larger diameter headset frames with the integrated headset and locking nut, which threads INTO the fork.

The silver plate needs to be able to slide back and forth, tighten the two bolts accordingly.
The white block is a wear item, and not covered by warranty. It needs to be replaced if broken. Use loctite on the adjustment screw otherwise it will loosen over time and the handle post will get loose.
Adjust the cam lever tight, a loose lever will result in an accident !
like all cams ( Latches and quick releases ) it works much better when you apply a little grease to the cam section.

Call me if you have any questions at 1- 618-393-2955. Please be aware that if you do not exactly know what to do, please bring your bike to a dealer since a sloppy handlebar folding mechanism is dangerous.

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  • Thanks Thor