folding bicycles
Dahon / Tern Demo Days

We do Demo Days since 2009

Usually in the summer at public events like local Triathlons, Family bike rides, or boating events.
These were local sailors who tried the bikes early in the morning

is it big enough for me ?
Test Rider

Testride a Bionix MU p8.

it fits on my boat
ahhh ooohhh

The MU with the 500 watts Bionix got a lot of admirers, While a few folks just rode the bikes around the nearby Campground ( where a few stayed for the whole weekend ) some took the invite for a short sail as well.

POWER to spare

wow ? Somebody is exited to ride one of the BionX 350 equipped bikes

Exited ?

checkin them out

Nice and not at all heavy

off they go

do I see a race coming up here ?

lets go


yup...lots of smiling faces

happy faces

Folding bike fashion show

The bar is open, local sailors get ready for the fashion show

What to expect?
Fashion Show

The Dahon Eco takes Center Stage at the show and technical details are explained

SuperModel "Eco"
Well utilized Curve D3

A Dahon Curve ready to get the skipper to town or almost anywhere

Curve D 3
Dahon Tern Demo Day

Another great sunset and the sign to start the grills for some provided brats and beer

We had the following bikes ready for testrides :Tern Link D8, Tern Verge Duo, Tern Verge S11i, Curve D3, Boardwalk S1, ECO D7, Mariner D7,HeliosSL, Mu P8, Ciao P8, Jetstream P8, Espresso, Cadenza 8 Disc,

Electric Bionx equipped bikes included: Tern D8, Node D8, Dahon Vigor, Dahon Mu P8

We had loaner helmets, refreshments, beer and brats in the evening, sailboatrides for some folks and in general a wonderful time. Some drove up for the Saturday and some stayed the whole weekend on the next to the Boulder Marina Campground.

Of course everybody is always welcome to visit our shop in Olney Illinois. Please call ahead so we can plan to have ample time discussing your needs and wishes for the best to YOU folding bike available.

If you travel with a motorhome or camping-trailer you are very welcome to park in our parking lot. Water/ electricity ( 15 amps) is provided.

Bike riders who travel on Highway 50 across the country are always welcome, to camp behind our warehouse. Please no open fires. Use of our shower, restrooms during business hours of course is allowed. Also if your bike needs a tune up you are welcome to work on your own bike in our work area, we will help if needed.

3550 N Union Drive
Olney Il 62450