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Bicycle Specs

Bicycle Specifications change without notice !

I might be the only person in the world who is trying to list all the bicycle specs. These are supplied by the manufacturer usually the September for the next modelyear.

Sometimes it happens that a part which was original spect on a bike is no longer available and the manufacturer changes it, without letting us dealers know about it.
Usually no problem as most manufacturers are using slightly better parts, if that happens.

Bicycle manufacturers do have this need for "Grandeur" so they like to put their own name on cranksets, saddles, seatposts, rims, tires,etc etc
This is cute, but sometimes a Sugino crank as specified in my detailed list, is all of the sudden a "Dahon" crank. Not to worry its still made by Sugino.

same is true for fancy component names, like Kinetik. First of all there is no company called Kinetik who makes rims for example. Kinetik is a tadename owned by Tern. For example the rims which bear the Kinetik name are produced by one of the top rim manufacturers, which also makes as an example Trek or Specialized rims.

If you are all about stickers with fancy brand names on it, just email us and we will find out for sure.

Happy Trails