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Twofish Stainless Velcro Cage for Waterbottle

New and Improved!!! Stainless Steel Cage. Velcro fastening. Goes on and comes off instantly. Strap it anywhere!

*Suitable for all 16", 20" and 26" bikes.

Twofish Stainless Velcro Cage

BiKase HD Strap

Mount any water bottle cage using our Cage Strap Adapter to any diameter 3.25 or less.
This will allow you to mount a water bottle in all kinds of different areas on your bike, you choose what is best for you!

The extra wide length can be cut to your desired length. The Adapter won’t move around because it has a rubber base and compresses on your frame when mounted.

fits on Dahon and Tern frames, handleposts, and seatposts

Waterbottle Cage Strap


alloy Cage for Waterbottle

You know what theose two holes in your frame are for ? Of course ! Its for a Waterbottle cage
we carry some silver and black alloy cages which worked well for us in the past.
Sure a Carbon one would look cool, but these simply work well, and are very affordable

Great buy, however these come without WB bolts! Please order seperately.

Alloy Waterbottle Cage


Big mouth waterbottle, cap big enogh to put ice into it. These are high quality waterbottles.

Order more than just one


Alloy Bolt

Alloy Bolt 7075
Good Quality 7075 Alloy Waterbottle bolt, for many other uses. M4 x 180 mm

we sell them as PAIRS !!!

"Waterbottle Bolt "


Valo 2 Headlight

Dynamo powered, 41 Lux, 150 Lummens, standlight, works with Andros Stem or 47mm ( longer than the older 40 mm ) VRO Stems
But you can use a Valo 2 on every bike as well, just order an Aber Hallo Stem extension, leave the handlebar as is and use the small centerpiece and one clamp to have a solid mounting for you headlight

Tern Valo 2
$ 60.00

Busch & Mueller Germany

Lumotec IQ CYO T Plus(60 lux, BRIGHT beam)
Plus has light stay on when you are standing still. More Lumen and a more far away light output. This light will make you see hundreds of feet, no matter how dark.
If you are going downhill in a hurry, nothing is better that the "sporty" version of this Lumotec light.
speeding tickets not included.

Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus

LED rear

Sunlite taillight features 5-Super Bright LED's. 4 modes of 1 steady and 3 flashing.
It is made to be mounted onto a carrier with two mounting holes or center hole

rear LED Carrier mount

Busch and Mueller Germany

this is the cache battery you will need to re-power the I phones with the E-Werk, B&M 461A

Cache battery

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