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SKS Professional Floorpump

SKS Renn Kompressor, this is a steel barrel old school floor pump, more or less built the same way since 40 years. The only floorpump on my shopfloor and in my garage. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.

valve: E.V.A. for Dunlop, Presta, Schrader
length: 650 mm
output max: 16 bar / 230 PSI



LONG SKS fender Flaps

Wooohhooooo we got Fender Flaps from Germany.
These are extralong flaps which can be added to all the sks fenders, replace the shorty ones, or add them if you dont have any flaps on yours at all.
You will need to drill a small hole into the centerof the fender, than you push the provided expansion Pin through the flap and fender, secure it with a washer, and you are done.

Use the wide version for all wide ThorUSA Custom fender sets, and the original Tern and Dahon fenders.
Get two one each for front and rear, for total protection :-)

Mud Flaps


SKS fenders,Pair

SKS produces the finest mudguards in the world in their Sundern, Germany factory. The Tern Dahon Special Edition Mini 20 mudguards are customized for Tern or Dahon's 20 inch wheel bikes and are made from their nearly indestructible chromeplastic material, adjustable stainless steel stays, and stainless hardwear. These also will fit bikes which come standard with Big Apple tires.( albeit a little tricky assembly to get clearance )

SKS fenders, Special edition, Pair

ThorUSA exclusive Custom SKS fender set

These are CUSTOM fender sets, front and rear fender, V-stays, plus one extra single stay. Rock solid performers
choose from Narrow for tires up to 20x 1.75 or WIDE for even the biggest Big Apples 20x 2.00
Now we also offer the wide version in silver !

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Color: Black
Great Set, front and rear from SKS, made especially for small wheeled bikes in the 20 and 24 inch range.

SKS Rowdy 20/24 inch Set
SKS Mudmax mudguard

Color: Black

SKS mudmax mudguard
sks xtradry rear mudguard

Color: Black

SKS xtradry rear mudguard