The Hiplok is a wearable bicycle lock.
Hard to explain but it wears nicer than one thinks it would. Its not a wimpy light cable, but rather subsatntial square chain, with a good lock at the end.
There are various reasons why this lock is great, It doesnt scratch your frame is only one, here a few moe :

The Hiplok is the world's first bicycle lock developed specifically to be worn on the body. Itís a seriously strong piece of kit with a hardened steel chain at its core and a Sold Secure accreditation. All Hiploks are fully adjustable - one size fits all.

Not my bag baby!
As the Hiplok can be carried independently, there is no need to take a bag with you just to carry your lock. Also, by transferring the weight of the lock directly to your hips rather than it being on your back and shoulders, you are more stable as a rider and transmit less strain on your body.

Youíre no Houdini....
If youíve ever worn a chain lock or flexible lock on your body, youíll know that you have to lock it in place in order for it to stay in position. This is not very safe if you, or somebody helping you, needs to take off the lock in an emergency situation. Due to itís unique design, Hiplok is never locked into a loop while it is attached to your body, and it remains fully adjustable and quickly removable at all times when being worn.

Be seen, not hurt.
The bottom line is - the more visible you are to other road users, the safer you are. Thats why Hiplok is available with a large 3M reflective logo detail. The Hiplok is the only lock on the market to have reflective detailing to help make you more visible at dusk and at night - which is just another reason to wear it loud and proud.

Wear what you like when you ride.
A small lock in your back pocket is okay if you wear the right jeans everyday, and ride a certain type of bike. But what if you want to wear something else? Or want to ride another style of bike? Hiplokís design gives you the freedom to wear any clothes and ride any type of bike in comfort. Oh, and did we mention the locking circumference? Your locking options are far greater with a chain compared to a D-lock.

Ride your bike with your style
With Hiplok thereís no need to attach or hang a lock to your bike while youíre riding, meaning you donít spoil the clean lines of your machine, or scratch your frame. And should you need to carry your bike up a flight of stairs or bunny hop a high curb, the fact that you donít have your lock on your bike makes it lighter and easier to maneuver also.
The cover can be removed for cleaning. Its really a pretty good idea and it works.

choose the lite version, dont worry its still a very good and safe lock, but a little lighter to carry around and sure leaves your wallet much heavier.

HIPLOK Original

HIPLOK Original

Hiplock Lite

the lighter version

HipLock Lite

Hiplock D Lock

a clipable "U" or "D" Lock
Coming soon !

HipLock D Lock