folding bicycles

Hello friends,

ThorUSA specializes in folding and urban transportation bicycles. Our mission is to provide you with quality bicycles, as well as, provide you with exceptional customer service both during and after the sales process.

You have many choices when purchasing a folding bicycle. We will work hard to make you a ThorUSA customer. In addition to carrying innovative, industry-leading folding bicycles, we carry the accessories that you want and that are especially made for folding bikes. You can enhance your new bike or repair a vintage model with our spare parts. We lead the pack with our vast array of spare parts. Our industry knowledge is there to assist you too.

I am the owner, Thor, with 40 years’ experience in biking. My family has been in the bicycle industry for three generations. ThorUSA is an online business, but if you are ever near Olney, IL, stop in and visit us. You can test ride our bicycles, get your own bike checked out for free or just have a coffee.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions. I look forward to putting you on your next bicycle.

Thank You


Thorsten Schaette


3550 North Union Drive
Olney,Il 62450

Tel. 800 222 8356
Tel. 618 395 3840
Fax. 618 393 2956