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Bosch E Cargo Bike

Performance CX 500 wh
Flatbed Cargo L

We deliver to St Louis - Indianapolis ( roughly 150 miles radius )
Of course You can also pick it up as well

Or choose the XL version
500 Wh
Performance CX 500
Flatbed XL version

We deliver to St Louis - Indianapolis
Pickup as well

Performance 400
Flatbed L 400 wh version

We deliver to St Louis - Indianapolis
Pickup as well

  • Plattform only
  • add your boxes etc seperately
Cargo Accessories

Cargo L

This is the most popular Cargo model.
A great variety of companies are deploying the Cargo L for their inner-city distribution.
It is quick, has a near zero tendency to get stuck in traffic and maintains enough load capacity to haul some serious volume.
The Cargo L adds to the dynamism of the city traffic whilst cutting sound and air pollution.

or choose the mighty XL version for 20 cm more load capacity

Bike lane fit

The Cargo L fits the bike lane perfectly. That means you can easily transport large volumes while maintaining flexibility


For the Cargo L you have three choices: the flatbed, customizable Flightcase (300 l) or the stylish aluminum box (260 l).

Performance comes standard

The strong Bosch Performance motor comes standard on all the Cargo models. As do the hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano and the suspended front fork.

ePowered by Bosch

Choose Performance with 400 Wh or Performance CX motor with a 500 Wh battery for miles of smiles.

Enviolo N380 Gear System

The N380 makes for effortless gear transitions and plays extraordinarily well with the Bosch system.

ThorUSA has 3 employees which are certified for Bosch E Bike System !